Leicestershire Parish Churches

The Parish Churches of Leicestershire volumes 1 and 2 

Leicestershire has long suffered from its position in the centre of England and is often seen as being ‘on the way to somewhere else’. Its many attractions and qualities have therefore been unjustly overlooked, including its splendid cornucopia of parish churches. This book was conceived and designed to redress that unfair view, and to celebrate the county’s fine church buildings, their architecture and treasures. All 316 active Anglican churches in Leicestershire as of the date of the completion of this book were visited by the author and are described here, ranging from the cathedral-like grandeur of Melton Mowbray’s breathtaking pile to the utilitarian buildings that were constructed to house the Anglican church in the 20th and 21st centuries. Each church is lavishly illustrated with photographs taken by the author.

Velox Books (the author's own imprint) 2013, softback, 286pp. (vol. 1), 311pp (vol. 2). Size: A4. Cost £20.00 each volume, available direct from the author, delivery free. Or from Amazon (and sometimes Ebay). Each one of the 316 active Anglican churches in Leicestershire is allocated over 400 words of commentary and up to 15 full colour photographs. Foreword by the Bishop of Leicester.

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